Games u gotta try (pag may time)


short, first person exploration, art game, atmospheric, surreal

A loving tribute as much as it is a game, 9.03m is very much worth the 10 minutes it gives you.


Store page:


beautiful, exploration, atmospheric, underwater

An underwater exploration game by the art director and composer of Journey. A jaw-dropping experience.


Store page:


action RPG, quick reflexes, story-driven

Quick gameplay dependent on reflexes, magnificent art direction and soundtrack, and that smooth narrator, who should be enough reason to play this game.


Store page:

Beyond Eyes

cute, colorful, exploration

Cute little indie game about a blind girl. You amble around very slowly, bump into trees and walls, and the world around you materializes as you pass through.


Store page:

The Beginner’s Guide

first person exploration, art game, metafiction, comedy, REAL AF

From the creator of The Stanley Parable. It’s best to go in this game blind.


Store page:

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

puzzle, adventure, fantasy, emotional

Two brothers go on an adventure across the land to find a cure for their sick father. A controller is required for this, since each brother is controlled by an analog stick. This may be one of the best fantasy adventures you’ll ever go on.


Store page:

The Cat and the Coup

short, experimental, historical, artistic, free

Brief and simplistic historical game with a gorgeous pastiche style, summarizing the rise and fall of former Iranian prime minister Mohammad Mosaddegh. You play as Mosaddegh’s cat because why not.


Store page:

Child of Light

cute, turn-based RPG, fairy tale, fantasy, sidescrolling

A captivating fairy tale straight out of childhood fantasy. Glad to have gone on this adventure. I only wish it were longer.


Store page:


platformer, shadows, puzzle

A fantastical neo-noir platformer all about shadows and old timey jazz and cabarets and all that good stuff. Gameplay’s a bit clunky but still very original, and the visual and narrative design are excellent, so I still highly recommend it.


Store page:


exploration, speed, sci-fi

Accidentally ejected from his spaceship, a spunky little one-wheeled robot must venture across an entire planet in hopes of returning home. Defunct asks of you one simple thing: simply to let go and enjoy the ride.


Store page:

Dreaming Sarah

exploration, platformer, puzzle, surreal

Yume Nikki. Got your attention? Good. Dreaming Sarah was directly inspired by the cult hit indie game. So if you want to aimlessly wander surreal dreamscapes with 2D platforming mechanics and interact with the strange denizens that reside therein, then this game is for you.


Store page:

Dust: An Elysian Tail

beat-em-up, RPG, platformer, metroidvania, fantasy, furries

The story is standard fantasy fare, but it’s the assets that sell the game. The art and music are fantastic, the battle mechanics control like butter and make you feel totally awesome, and it’s an extremely enjoyable experience all throughout. And it was made by ONE GUY.


Store page:

The Dweller

puzzle, lovecraftian

Don’t let the simple art style turn you off; The Dweller is an excellently designed puzzle game that tests the limits of your logical abilities. Plus, it has a very sinister underlying story to it, which you discover as you progress.


Store page:


exploration, calming, trippy, spirituality, whoa dude

As the name suggests, this is a game about Everything. It uses Alan Watts’ lectures as a springboard to tackling life’s most fundamental questions.


Store page:

Grow Home

exploration, adventure, platforming, collectathon

A little droid named BUD is tasked to grow plantlife on a new planet. Go higher and higher and breach outer space in this charming exploration game.

Grow Home_20160207201054.jpg

Store page:


sci-fi, comedy, lasers, puzzle, metroidvania, satire

In the distant future, you’re the last remaining human in a world of detachable heads. Explore a surreal futuristic world as you jump from body to body, in search of your identity.


Store page:

Her Story

mystery, video, story-driven

This game blurs the boundaries between fiction and reality. It is, at its core, a simulation of a 90’s style OS, where you, guest user, scour through a database in search of videos that would piece together the story of a particular woman’s involvement in a particular criminal case. Your goal is to discover the key aspects in this mystery as you spiral downward into this immersive experience that unfolds pretty damn well.


Store page:

Hero of Many

maze, action, survival

You’re a egg cell, I guess. You have an army of sperm, I guess. You fight other sperms and egg cells, I guess. (Hero of Many has a surprisingly emotional story that deals with cruelty, loyalty, friendship, love, and determination. I’m dead serious. It’s a great game.)


Store page:


platformer, puzzle, dystopian, atmospheric, cinematic, sci-fi, WTF

From the devs behind Limbo. All I have to say is: What. The. Fuck. 10/10.


Store page:


action RPG, huge bosses, difficult, vikings, fantasy

You’re a lone viking who has to prove yourself worthy of entering Valhalla by traversing the lands of giants and slaying colossal bosses. The art and animation are top notch.


Store page:


adventure, spiritual, online

If you haven’t played this yet, do yourself a favor and find a way to play it. Your life is incomplete without it.


Store page: Available on PS3, PS4

Lumino City

point and click, puzzle, adventure, stop motion

Lumino City is a point and click adventure game where architects, artists, prop-makers, and animators came together to craft a beautiful hand-made experience. Yes, the graphics are made of real objects. It’s easy to see how much love and care went into making this and the result is one of the most charming games you’ll ever play.


Store page:

Mirror’s Edge

first person, action, parkour

Dash atop buildings with speed and grace in what may be the best parkour simulator out there. Top it off with a stellar soundtrack, stunning visual design in bold colors, and high-octane gameplay, and you have a one of a kind experience that you will not get anywhere else.


Store page:


hidden object, point and click, insects

It’s easy to get lost in Morphopolis‘ beautiful and intricate hand drawn painterly art style. It is a hybrid of point-and-click and hidden object games, as well as a very elegant diversion.


Store page:

The Music Machine

first person exploration, monochromatic, surreal, horror

Explore horrific landscapes while uncovering an obscure story. It’s beautifully presented, unnerving and astonishing, and the writing behind it is pure literature.


Store page:


first person exploration, sci-fi, surreal, horror

A silent adventure through a surreal hyper-industrial cityscape. It’s dark, it’s alienating, it’s full of abstract shapes, ambient lighting, and brooding music, and it’s a mesmerizing work of art.


Store page:

Pneuma: Breath of Life

first person, puzzle, philosophical, comedy

Quite an interesting first person puzzle game that breaks puzzle game convention and forces you to think outside the box.

Pneuma_ Breath of Life_20151207220820.jpg

Store page:

Pony Island

cute?, rainbows?, sunshine?

A nice, cute game about ponies. Or not.


Store page:


first person, puzzle, comedy, sci-fi

The Portal series needs no introduction. If you haven’t heard of it or haven’t played it yet, then my god what are you doing?


Store page:


Portal 2:


exploration, adventure, fantasy, pixel art, spiritual

This is a game about wonder and adventure, magic and mystery, about our relationship with the past how it affects the world around us. It’s gorgeous, the soundtrack is lovely, and this is one of the greatest adventures you’ll ever go on in under 2 hours.


Store page:

Remember Me

beat-em-up, sci-fi, futuristic, parkour

Before French gamedev Dontnod released the acclaimed Life is Strange series, their first game was this highly ambitious cinematic sci-fi beat-em-up called Remember Me. The script isn’t anything to write home about but the overall polish of the visual design is astounding. It’s like Blade Runner meets Mirror’s Edge meets Inception.


Store page:


platformer, physics, puzzle

Great physics-based shoot outs and platforming. Everything about this game is extremely well polished.


Store page:

The Room

puzzle, mystery

Might as well be the most unique puzzle game series ever created. The Room has you tinker with a strange contraption so as to unlock it and discover whatever secret lies within. There is a story here and it’s chilling.

Store page:


exploration, stylized, nature, survival

You’re a mother badger and you feed your lil pups while protecting them from predators. Beautiful game with pastel colors and a kind of cardboard-and-paper-mache art style.


Store page:

The Stanley Parable

first person exploration, comedy, satire, metafiction, whoa dude

This is the story of a man named Stanley.


Store page:

A Story About My Uncle

first person, platformer, physics, swinging, fantasy

A stunning parallel world fantasy game where you’re basically Spiderman.


Store page:

The Talos Principle

puzzle, logic, sci-fi, philosophy, difficult

You’re a lone robotic consciousness who wakes up in a garden. The voice of God talks to you through a computer terminal. You undertake several puzzles and tests to prove you are more than just machine. The Talos Principle touts itself as being a philosopical puzzler, and it does quite a good job at it.

The Talos Principle_20151017141423.jpg

Store Page:

They Breathe

short, frog, survival, horror, WTF

You’re a frog who has to swim to the bottom of the ocean in order to rescue his friends. You won’t like what you find along the way.


Store page:

Thomas Was Alone

sidescrolling, platformer, puzzle, comedy

Multiple AI entities with very distinct personalities fight for survival and find their purpose in a collapsing digital environment. The writing is hilarious and the narration does a spot on job of bringing these characters to life.


Store page:

Titan Souls

all bosses, difficult, fantasy, adventure

You’re a little warrior in a strange land full of deadly titans. You have only one arrow. You die in one hit. The catch is, the bosses die in one hit as well. If you can manage to bring out their weak points, that is. Extremely tight combat, well designed bosses, and a great visual aesthetic make for a great game.


Store page:

To The Moon

story-driven, drama, puzzle, try not to cry

A simple 3 hour narrative experience with minimal gameplay and a touching narrative. Recommended for anyone and everyone.


Store page:


platformer, sidescrolling, typography, history, educational

A game where you control a rolling colon on a journey through the history of typography. If you love fonts, you should definitely check out this game.


Store page:


RPG, love

So very few games pack as hefty an emotional punch as Undertale. It’s inventive in every way possible and is a landmark achievement in the RPG genre. It gets really difficult later on but it’s so worth it just to finish it.


Store page:

The Unfinished Swan

first person exploration, fairy tale, adventure, minimalist

A tale told in a storybook manner, The Unfinished Swan has a lot of childlike wonder in it that makes for an infinitely charming experience.


Store page: Available on PS3, PS4, PSVita

Valiant Hearts

point and click, sidescrolling, puzzle, adventure, war

Not many war video games have as much heart as Valiant Hearts. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll experience the whole gamut of human emotion, all told with an endearing comic book art style.


Store page:


story-driven, puzzle, cute, post-apocalyptic

Wanda is a short, cinematic puzzle adventure game starring two childlike robots who wake up from hibernation and find themselves in a dead and broken world. Now, the two form an unbreakable friendship as they traverse the post-apocalyptic wasteland. The puzzles can get frustrating af, but all in all, it’s adorable, the music is fantastic, and I cried for daaays.


Store page:

The Way

cinematic platformer, puzzle, adventure, difficult

You’re a scientist who believes the key to resurrecting your dead wife rests on another planet. You hatch an intricate plan: You are to exhume her from her grave, infiltrate the space station you work for, and steal a ship that could bring you to another planet, where your archaeological team had once discovered mystical alien ruins that harbor the key to eternal life. The Way is gorgeous in every respect, and is a welcome addition to the genre of cinematic platformers the likes of Another World and INSIDE.


Store page:

World of Goo

construction, physics, comedy, satire

Satisfying construction mechanics, zany humor, and surprisingly deep worldbuilding. World of Goo is enjoyable from start to finish, and is pretty much a must-play classic by now.


Store page:


puzzle, fantasy, adventure, spirituality, zen

A minimalistic puzzle game with an underlying spiritual adventure story. The puzzles are satisfying, the illustrations are simply gorgeous, and the music. The MUSIC. If you like fitting things into things and being rewarded with cool art, this game is a steal.


Store page:


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