Fleeting Adventures of Insufferable Romance and Excruciating Fantasy – #014 – A Space Odyssey

According to the book of the history of the universe, all the molecules that comprise you once belonged to an extinct race of warrior-scientists. Which parts of your body correspond to which sects of the warrior-scientist hierarchy are still undergoing extensive research but we may get results between now and the next Big Bang. This information is tangential. Space small talk. It gets really lonely out here. But it isn’t without purpose. It illustrates what the vibrations have been saying all along: We are made of star stuff and star thingamajiggies and Ziggies and star what-have-yous.

Warp space is among us. Our souls are spaghettifying, face first. Don’t forget what we came for. You’re a starsurfer without a destination. Evolution in the mud. A table for sixty. You are a banner beginning the dance. A knife that cuts through lies. Thirty two pesos and twelve centavos. The severance package. A symphony’s third movement. You are a hunger playlist, progressive metal sex, Afternoon Delight, oranges in space, electromagnetic moaning. The bears are coming home. Snatch the skytrees. Whistle for crabs. We’re having sushi tonight. You are a whatty who who calypso barely fragmentation summer set jewel speckled flight rays haptic spinster pigment jumble hokey bullets bring a ding down to bounty docks you dino flybait hippie ziggo speakerhappy fools jiving ho to gang bang plank thesaurus rex oedip-pokey eyes steampunk quantum physex one plus one plus one is naturally manufactured to break the rule set a pool jet stop the damn diggy peter patta po switch back the line and tell them all that I’m just fine. I’m just fine.


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