Fleeting Adventures of Insufferable Romance and Excruciating Fantasy – #009 – The Pretty Big Radio

Lately, I’ve been tuning in to this frequency linked to neighborly conversations. The voices began as faint murmurs, whispering to me as I used the bathroom and completed household chores. In time, their dialogues became audible enough to parse during nights home from work, amid the eerie crackling of the ginormous radio. It was something I didn’t pay much attention to; people’s lives were excruciatingly dull, for the most part. “And you wouldn’t guess what he had in his zipper!” “You spent that much on a fucking pound cake?” “Onions? Leeks? What was that? No onions? How about ginger? Keep quiet, Joy, I’m on the phone! So, no leeks?” “3 PM tomorrow? At the border? Alright, see you. I love you. Down with the government.” They all blended together into an incoherent stream of consciousness(es).

There was one household that I found to be more interesting that the rest, though. It was the Lim household a few blocks away, and the happenings in their household were curious at best. Tonight, I decided to tune in once again, this time, into one of their bedrooms.

“It all starts to follow a pattern, really, this whole anxiety about the future thing. Okay, think about it: Like, remember when you were a kid, and you were deathly afraid of certain inevitable future events? If you were a boy, there was circumcision. If you were a girl, probably menstruation and boys. You dreaded getting the belt, your trips to the dentist, although I invariably still do, but these are things soon relegated to triviality once we have gone past puberty and have to deal with other shit, like dreading you’d fail your subjects or not getting into a good college, things that are, indeed, a bit more consequential but certainly not to the extent of fearing for your abysmally low income, that minor oversights in your output would snowball into a PR disaster, that feeling your life is going nowhere, and that your motivation to succeed is smothered by all this quarter life ennui, which isn’t so bad when you reach your middle ages and have to wear rusty combat armor and have to fight tooth and nail for honor and for the safety of your liege and lord, often putting your own life at risk on the open battlefield, but of course, all these things pale in comparison to the transcendence, what with all the responsibility linked to integrating your soul message into Causality itself, leaving an, albeit minuscule, balance-tilting shade of karmic energy into the fabric of existence, which continues to influence every human being’s every thought and action for the years to come. What I’m trying to get at here is that, we’re all captive to this oppressive force called trepidation, but things have always turned out okay in the end. Everything will be okay. We’ll all do fine. We’ll get through this. So try not to worry too much. I love you. Down with the government.”

It was at that point I stopped listening entirely, after which I proceeded to binge watch funny videos on YouTube.


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