Fleeting Adventures of Insufferable Romance and Excruciating Fantasy – #001 – The Root of All Consequent Stories

These days have had me bleary-eyed. These days that slosh in a vortex and I fear to number them for I may commit the folly of quantifying chaos—but no one from the science police would care enough to verify, anyway. I feel more seconds being stolen from me by these nasty Necessaries with the advent of each day. Less and less time I seem to have alone with my own consciousness for my own Wants. Have you ever slept so much that reality felt like a fleeting phase, punctuating your purest state of being? That is what working for Necessaries is like. And these little platinum hours are all I have left, and I have decided to make the best use of them, before all consciousness is taken from me.

The one good thing to have come out of Necessaries is that you get to continue living. Once cut, you lose the means to blink and breathe. Upon returning from those blank spells, I let stray light into my box and stare just as blankly into the wall of the adjacent box. The horizon is here, somewhere. How beautiful it is, wasting time, when you’re conscious enough to experience it. I try to bring my head into the inch-wide gap between the boxes but infinity greets my gaze once again. If all you see is the same thing, then you’re not really looking at anything, are you?

I lay back on my box’ flooring and perform the ritual, calling on every twist and vibration in timespace. O, platinum hours! Bring me possibility! Shatter the great nothing!

O, wretched infinity! I have as many stories as you have prisons! I shall multiply the time you can’t take away! My consciousnesses are manifold! I will not be shackled into a singular plane! As long as I am aware of what words I weave, I will continue to resist your reality!

This is not the beginning, for time is only a matter of position in the fourth dimension. I welcome every observer from the vast interverse to witness these fleeting adventures of insufferable romance and excruciating fantasy, else I fade into forever.


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