Harry Potter thing

Harry Potter was my very first taste of “giving into the hype.” I hadn’t read the books before the first movie came out, so I was extremely skeptical about it, preferring to watch The Fellowship of the Ring instead. I specifically remember expressing violent distaste toward Harry Potter simply because of the fact that it was popular. Then one day, my mom brought home a copy of The Sorcerer’s Stone, which she never really got around to finishing. So being the curious little boy I was, I clandestinely borrowed the book and read it behind locked doors, unbeknownst to everyone in the household for fear of being made fun of. Then lo and behold, a Harry Potter fan was born. Immediately following the moment I finished the first book, a relative got me a collection of the original British versions of the first three books. The Chamber of Secrets had me reading without locked doors this time. When I moved on to The Prisoner of Azkaban, I began taking the book outside of the house and wherever I went. The fourth book was coming out around this time and I just had to get it. Soon came the fifth and sixth but sadly, this is where my Harry Potter story ends. Blame it on waning interest, a life that was starting to get busier, or whatever. I never got far into the sixth book, and whatever happens in the seventh is a mystery, since I haven’t even seen the movie adaptations for 6 and 7.

Truth is, I was a Harry Potter nerd, stress on the was. I read books 1 – 4 five times at least, and book 5 three times. Harry Potter was undeniably the most important part of my life as a young reader and without it, I wouldn’t have been convinced to take up literature, so I do feel kind of bad for never going out of my way to finish it. For better or for worse, my tastes have changed and the kind of experience that Harry Potter gave me as a kid isn’t really what makes me giddy anymore.

My childhood skepticism never went away. Even up to now, I’m kind of put off when people say that Harry Potter is their most favoritest thing in the world. Yes, Harry Potter is good. So is Pokemon. And 90’s cartoons. But do you like anything else? What are you into besides revisiting childhood? What I meant to say is: it’s not surprising. Anyone can like Harry Potter, and anyone can dislike it, and I find that both camps are unsurprising.


Favourite book

Difficult choice, since they’re all good anyway, but I gravitate more towards the 4th and 5th books. Goblet because of its relentless action, and Phoenix because of its escalating gravity.


Favourite movie

I don’t have strong opinion on this one, haha. I’d say it’s a tie between the 3rd and 4th.


Least favourite book

The Chamber of Secrets never really stuck to me as much as the other books did.


Parts of the books/movies that made you cry

What are tears? But srsly, the only things that can make me cry are Thai insurance commercials, and reflecting upon the mistakes of my life.


If you could hook up with any Harry Potter character who would it be?

I’d say Luna Lovegood but only because Evanna Lynch is adorable. Though I always thought Tonks was hot in the book. Oh and I’d like to see what a date with a Veela is like. Fine, I think I’ll go with Fleur Delacour.


Favourite character

Difficult. Very difficult. I’d say Dumbledore. Cos silly old men with lots of tricks up their sleeves are always endearing.


What would your Patronus be?

A lazy fat cat. Next question!

Which of the Deathly Hallows would you choose?

Can’t answer.


What House would you be in?

Hufflepuff because whatever, man.

If you could meet any member of the cast who would it be?

Evanna Lynch pls k thx

Have you played any of the video games?

I played the Sorcerer’s Stone game on the PS1. That was cool.

If you were on the Quidditch team which position would you play?

I’d be a Beater because at least I’d have a means to defend myself HAHA


Were you happy with the ending?

Can’t answer~


How much does Harry Potter mean to you?

See intro~


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